November 30: Portland sister band celebrates one year of successful Nerd-themed music and comedy show

Hello press!

My sister and I have a band called “The Doubleclicks” – we are a nationally touring act that plays nerdy comedy music at shows like PAX (attendance 60,000+), w00tstock and more. We release music videos and songs on YouTube every week and have over 1 million views. Our songs have been featured on The Huffington Post, Gawker, BoingBoing, Upworthy and Wired. Our 2013 album Lasers and Feelings debuted at #7 on the Billboard Music charts for comedy.

We found that, though Portland does have its share of nerds, the really clever music and comedy acts in the US sometimes skip our city when they are touring and performing. We really love this city and its nerds, and decided to do something about this.

So last November we started a series of live shows called “#NerdNightOut” to bring in this acts to our fair city. We’ve brought Erik Charles Nielsen (Community, Conan O’Brien) from LA, Joseph Scrimshaw (Obsessed Podcast, Comedy of Doom) from Minneapolis and Sarah Donner (singer-songwriter, The Oatmeal) from NJ, among others. We also feature local musicians and comedians in our show. Our show has taken place at venues around town, often selling out well in advance.

This November 30 we’ll be putting on our 6th show, and we are bringing in Super Guitar Bros, a duo of classical guitarists that cover video game theme music in beautiful classical arrangements. The show will also feature comedy by Joseph Scrimshaw and music by us, The Doubleclicks!

November 30 – 9pm – 21+

The Secret Society, 116 NE Russell in Portland

Tickets $8 online/$10 at the door


More photos and links:

It’s been a very exciting year for us and we’d love to talk about it, about our band, and about our nerdy city—or just get an event listing. Thanks for your time!

-Angela Webber

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