#NerdNightOut 4: Joy and the family of geeks


Marian Call has got this nerd music thing down. Several albums, a few years of constant touring, and lots of Twittering… she has made this world her own, and her fans love her for it. So we knew we had to put together something very special for her Portland tour stop. This #NerdNightOut turned out to be a great experience — a nice, quiet, personal theater, and Marian dealt gracefully with the train noise (ugh!) and the really warm day in the really not-air-conditioned theater.

Fortunately, LA Screenwriter Josh A. Cagan was also looking for a chance to perform. Josh may not be a traditional “nerd” or “performer,”—at least, these aren’t the things he spends most of his time doing— but we were thrilled to have him, and he absolutely killed it. Of course, we could show you the picture of him performing:


But it will give you a much, much better feeling for his performance if you see what the audience was doing during his set. His writings & delivery were full of true sadness, happiness, hilarity, and so much honesty, and he killed.


The lovely Action-Adventure theater hosted this show. And despite the train and the heat, it was a great place. Much too small, of course (we did two nights and both were completely packed), so we will probably be going back to a bigger theater for our next big show. The haiku contest was a big hit, thanks to our guest judges and prizes from Guardian Games, and our MC Alex Falcone did a great job of pulling the whole thing together. This was a very different sort of show than you might normally encounter, but it was personal and lovely (and strangely muppet-themed). Perhaps we will need to trade off between the “big shows” and these smaller incubators in the future. Although… maybe we will lean more toward the “creativity” meaning of incubator, and less toward the “oppressive heat.”


Most of these photos were taken by Michael Bain. Find more photos of this event on his Flickr page.

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