#NerdNightOut 2: Joseph Scrimshaw and collaboration


Joseph Scrimshaw is one of the funniest people I have ever met. What makes it worse is that he’s not only funny, he’s also extremely hard-working and prolific, meaning that though we have now performed with him about 6 or 7 times, he has always done something new at the show. Something new and hilarious. What a jerk.

nerdnight poster_8_5x11_02c

After touring with Joseph briefly at the end of 2012 and sharing the bill with him on the Jonathan Coulton Cruise, we knew that he was another wonderful candidate for giving the #NerdNightOut ticket to Portland. We put on this show at the Funhouse Lounge, a fun little club in Southeast that is great and comfortable… and sold out so quickly we had to add another night. We hired John Harper to make us a truly wonderful poster — hiring local and talented independent artists is one of our favorite things to do, so why not?

Something we learned from the first #NerdNightOut event is that we really need to have a MC to warm up the crowd and move it forward. Fortunately, the Doubleclicks were lucky enough to be invited onto Alex Falcone’s late night stage show a few months previous, where we met the very talented funny Alex Falcone and Bri Pruett, local comedians who were happy to each host a night of the show. Very different but very talented, they really gave the show the final touch it needed to be a smooth-sailing ship.

Joseph Scrimshaw did another wonderful thing for #NerdNightOut… he encouraged some collaboration between the acts. So he sat in with the Doubleclicks for a very troubling cover of the Sesame Street song “Rubber Ducky,” and he wrote a very special piece for me to perform, based on the Angry Sorority girl meme and the character of Hermione from the Harry Potter books.

photo by Chris Wright. More photos of this event can be found on his Flickr Page.

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