#NerdNightOut1: an origin story

The idea for #NerdNightOut started when we were backstage at the Meltdown Comedy show in LA. The room was full of young, hilarious comics that were doing awesome, awesome things — and particularly, Erik Charles Nielsen (aka Garrett from Community) did a fantastic set–you can watch his set now as he did it on Conan! We found ourselves wishing that more awesome performers like Erik, who appeal to a geeky crowd but don’t yet have the draw to do national tours, could come up to Portland. Our city isn’t one of the top tier towns for comedy, and we don’t get a ton of talent up here (although Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Helium are changing that)… especially not of the delightful niche variety.

nerdnightout1 poster And so we decided to do something. What would it take to bring Erik up to Portland? It’s not that awfully much money, if we get a little help, and it could be a show that the occasionally forgotten geeks of PDX really appreciate. So we did it! Thanks to generous sponsorships from Sock Dreams & the Jupiter Hotel we were able to bring up Erik and hire local comedian Tim Hammer (multiple-time high-ranker in the “Portland’s funniest person” contest) and our friend, Seattle ukulady Molly Lewis.

The show sold out weeks in advance (no thanks, probably, to our very dorky preview video).

Sock dreams donated gift cards, so we had a coloring contest judged by local artist (and our poster designer) Erika Moen, which turned out really, really fun. And the beautiful Curious Comedy Theater were generous hosts! All in all, the first #NerdNightOut was a huge success.

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