The #NerdNightOut Tour

Big news, everyone! We are taking our awesome geek-centric variety show ON THE ROAD! Each show is a unique nerd-weird hug, featuring songs by The Doubleclicks, jokes from comedian Joseph Scrimshaw (Wits, Rifftrax), plus guests and games!

Note: #NerdNightOut shows are NOT kid-friendly—jokes include sexual content, swearing and nonsense not for the little ones. Keep an eye out for kid-friendly shows from the Doubleclicks on their website all year!


PORTLAND 4/6 (Tickets | Facebook)
Doug Fir | 21+ | Doors at 7 / Show at 8
with special guests Molly Lewis & Kelly Sue DeConnick!

SAN FRANCISCO 4/9 (Tickets | Facebook)
Doc’s Lab | Doors at 7 / Show at 8
with special guests Scott Simpson & Rebecca Watson!

LOS ANGELES 4/10 (Tickets | Facebook
Genghis Cohen | 9:30pm
$10 tickets online or at the door (cash only at the door)
with special guests Josh A. Cagan & Erik Charles Nielsen!

SAN DIEGO 4/12 (InformationFacebook
House Concert | Doors at 7 / Show at 8
E-mail RSVP required. Read more here.

SANTA CRUZ 4/13 (Tickets| Facebook
Crepe Place | Doors at 8 / Show at 9
with special guest Unwoman!

SEATTLE 4/14 (Tickets | Facebook)
Triple Door | 7:30pm / doors at 6
with special guests Molly Lewis & Kris Straub!

Tour Trailer:




We need your help to fund the #NerdNightOut tour. 

Tours are fun, but—especially when we’re playing in theaters and bringing in guests—they are expensive. We estimate our tour travel expenses on this trip will be approximately $3,000. You can help us out by selecting one of the sponsorship packages below, and in exchange you’ll get to be a very special part of the tour! If you are outside the US, e-mail to sponsor, as the links below will not work.

Can’t afford a sponsorship or just want to help out? We need your help hanging posters, telling your friends an in other tasks, and we’d love to make you an in-kind sponsor of your time. If you hang 4 posters for the show, you will get access to the “Get In The Van” level. If you run merch at a show and hang posters, you’ll get access to “Bring It Home!” Check out our “Help us” page for poster files & contact info!

come along name

$10: COME ALONG! At this level you will get access to a special one-hour podcast recorded by Joseph Scrimshaw and the Doubleclicks, recorded on the road! Will it be in a hotel room or IN THE TOUR VAN ITSELF? You’ll get stories and, we expect, some sleep-deprived looniness. (add to cart)

get in the van name

$25: GET IN THE VAN! At this level you will be Officially On Tour with us, as your name will be added to a special “sponsors” sticker or magnet which we will AFFIX to the TOUR VAN! You’ll be able to see your name in photos as well as in a special “tour van vlog” up on The Doubleclicks’ YouTube channel. You’ll also receive access to the sponsors-only podcast. (add to cart)

bring it home name

$50: BRING IT HOME! At this level you’ll get a postcard from the road! The Doubleclicks & Joseph Scrimshaw will find you a weird postcard, fill it with words and mail it to you on tour. You’ll also get your name on the van and access to the podcast. (add to cart)

whole deal name

$100: THE WHOLE DEAL! At this level, the Doubleclicks & Joseph Scrimshaw will go to a truck stop or gift shop and find you a unique knick-knack (value probably less than $10.) We will ship that to you along with an AUTOGRAPHED TOUR POSTER signed by the tour team and as many guests as we can trick into signing the poster. You’ll also get a postcard, your name on the van, and access to the podcast. (add to cart)

We’re interested in talking to business owners who would like to sponsor the #NerdNightOut tour—cool opportunities are available. If you’re interested, please contact!