#NerdNightOut is a variety show for the bespectacled set co-hosted by musical duo The Doubleclicks and comedian Joseph Scrimshaw. You’ll find the show featuring jokes and songs that range from topics like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons to Social Justice and Existential Dread! Yay! The show has also featured improvised games, sketches, and unconventional comedy sets from nerd luminaries like Amy Berg [Caper, Eureka], Bill Corbett [MST3K, Rifftrax] and James Urbaniak [Venture Bros].  The Portland Mercury called #NerdNightOut “the friendliest variety show in town!”, it’s the perfect comedy show for people with big brains and open hearts!

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We've been picked several times for the Portland Mercury's "My, What A Busy Week" events guide!

We’ve been picked several times for the Portland Mercury’s “My, What A Busy Week” events guide!


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_MG_1048-3366222410-OThe Doubleclicks, Bill Corbett (MST3K, Rifftrax) & Molly Lewis play at a 2014 #NerdNightOut


4postersAbout Nerd Night Productions:

Night Productions plans, produces and promotes events for the nerd and nerd-friendly in Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle and beyond. With the help of local businesses, friendly venues, and talented performers, we create events for people who like things (aka “geeks”). #NerdNightOut is our semi-regular music & comedy geek-themed variety show, which has been featured in the Portland Mercury. #NerdNightOut has sold out venues over and over and it keeps growing! We’re excited to share what’s happening next!

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